The Revelation of Jesus Christ: An Open Letter to the Church from a Modern Perspective of the Book of Revelation - 2nd Edition

الغلاف الأمامي
Lynn Hiles, 2021
Using the Book of Revelation as his foundation, Lynn Hiles reveals through Scripture and Holy Spirit insight that the entire Bible is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ". For anyone struggling to understand John's writings in Revelation, this book provides true, Biblically-based answers. Through detailed insight into the letters John wrote to seven churches of his day, you will learn how to avoid the inherent pitfalls of the "first Adam" mentality to overcome today's trials and tribulations. This book will help you make the paradigm shift from an old covenant mentality to living in the new and better covenant of life in Christ Jesus. The more you understand the Book of Revelation, the more you will be disarmed of the fears, intimidations, rhetoric, and flood of information spewing from the dragon's mouth. This overflow of propaganda has kept the human family afraid to even read the Book of Revelation, when in fact, it is the only book in the Bible the declares a built-in blessing to those who read and understand it. This book will provoke you to thought and dialogue, bringing greater clarity and revelation of Jesus Christ.

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