Prosperity Has A Purpose: 27 Biblical Principles to Understand

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Rich Brott, 2008 - 288 من الصفحات
Some people teach that we should give to get. Others teach that we should sacrifice and withhold from our family in order to give more. Neither extreme point of view is correct. We must provide for our family. We should not give to get. Our attitude should be one of obedience and liberality. The best way to give to the Lord is to understand all that He has given to us, and then freely give back to Him. Author Rich Brott provides a very balanced perspective in his latest book, Prosperity Has a Purpose. He notes that we gain by giving and we lose by withholding. When we freely give to God, regardless of our own personal need, we allow God to be big in our lives. We allow Him to provide for us. This can only happen as we buy into the principle of freely giving. If we are stingy in our giving and withhold from the Lord, we miss the many blessings and provisions He wants to shower upon us.


The Principle of Understanding the Importance of Right Decisions
The Principle of Understanding the Purpose of Financial Blessing
The Principle of You Are Blessed to Become a Blessing
The Principle of You Are Blessed for a Purpose
The Principle of You Are Blessed to Become Faithful in Small Things
The Principle of You Have Been Chosen for a Purpose Chosen by God
The Principle of Gods Plan with Your Name on It
The Principle of Caring for a Brother
The Principle of Feeding the Local Church
The Principle of Finding Your Treasure
The Principle of The First Fruits
The Principle of Unending Gratitude
The Principle of Honoring the Lord With Your Wealth
The Principle of Hospitality and Kindness
The Principle of Knowing That God Controls It All

The Principle of Acknowledging Gods Ownership 441
The Principle of Being a Blessing

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Rich Brott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Master of Business Administration. Rich has served in an executive position of some very successful businesses. He has functioned on the board of directors for churches, businesses, and charities and served on a college advisory board. Rich has traveled to more than 25 countries on teaching assignments and business concerns. Rich Brott has authored thirty-five books.

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