Marriage: The Forgotten Covenant

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2008 - 60 من الصفحات
The Reality: Fifty percent of those who marry today will divorce. On the stress scale, divorce and separation are ranked 2nd and 3rd. Only the death of a spouse is rated higher. More than 80 percent of those who are divorced will remarry within three years and 65 percent of those marriages will fail again. More than a million children each year are involved in divorce and more than 13 million children under 18 live with one parent so that single parent families are growing at a rate twenty times faster than two parent families. We have lost sight of the true meaning of the marriage commitment. In this book Bro. Ronald H. Taurel skillfully interprets and explains the covenant relationship between a man and a woman in the eyes of God. Inside you will discover: Marriage as a covenant relationship held in high regard by God. The importance of the marriage oath. The importance and meaning of the woman's hymen and virginity. The true meaning and significance of the wedding rings. Examples of leaning on each other and facing challenges together with God. The principle of Leaving and Cleaving This is a must-read for anyone entering into the covenant of marriage and a reminder for couples who have already taken this important step. Bro Ronald H. Taurel was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. In 1990 he moved to the United States and served under Pastor William A. Reeves at Harvest Ministry Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Bro. Ronald received his ordination from Mission Base International Ministries in Belmont, Port of Spain, where Rev. Garth Sinnette is Pastor. Ronald H. Taurel lives with his wife Lenora and their four children, Brittany, Talisa, Joshua & Elisha in Charlotte, NC. Questions/comments can be directed to


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