Andrew Marvell

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CUP Archive, 18‏/04‏/1985 - 191 من الصفحات
This introductory study provides a comprehensive and coherent account of all Andrew Marvell's poetry for those with no specialised knowledge of seventeenth-century literature and history. After a brief account of Marvell's career as student, private tutor, civil servant, and Member of Parliament, there follow six chapters dealing with the major body of lyrical poetry according to subject matter or thematic context. Since inexperienced readers often encounter difficulties with the allusive nature of Marvell's art, it is a particular feature of this book that it provides sufficient information on the literary, cultural and political context of the work without sacrificing an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities and the ironic wit and burnout for which Marvell's verse is celebrated. In the final chapter Dr Wilcher discusses the public writing in verse and prose which occupied Marvell's later years in relation to political developments under Oliver Cromwell and Charles II.


Silent judgements
Loves and lovers
Pastoral and Puritan
Innocence and experience
Paradises only
Panegyrics and satires
Select bibliography
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