The History of Java, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
J. Murray, 1830 - 868 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 163 - Where wealth accumulates, and men decay : Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade ; A breath can make them, as a breath has made...
الصفحة 318 - The tallier and the totie, the duty of the former of which consists in gaining information of crimes and offences, and in escorting and protecting persons travelling from one village to another; the province of the latter appearing to be more immediately confined to the village, consisting, among other duties, in guarding the crops and assisting in measuring them. The boundary man, who preserves the limits of the village, or gives evidence respecting them in cases of dispute.
الصفحة 2 - By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.
الصفحة 17 - Immense quantities of volcanic substances, which were thrown out at the same time and spread in every direction, propagated the effects of the explosion through the space of many miles. " It is estimated that an extent of ground, of the mountain itself and its immediate environs, fifteen miles long and full six broad, was by this commotion swallowed up in the bowels of the earth.
الصفحة 29 - The sky was overcast at noon-day with clouds of ashes, the sun was enveloped in an atmosphere, whose " palpable " density he was unable to penetrate ; showers of ashes covered the houses, the streets, and the fields to the depth of several inches ; and amid this darkness explosions were heard at intervals, like the report of artillery or the noise of distant thunder.
الصفحة 172 - ... 3rd. The renting out of the lands so assumed to the actual occupants, in large or small estates according to local circumstances, on leases for a moderate term.
الصفحة 256 - ... nutmeg trees which naturally grow there, but which this savage policy has now, it is said, almost completely extirpated. Even in the islands where they have settlements they have very much reduced, it is said, the number of those trees. If the produce even of their own islands was much greater than what suited their market, the natives, they suspect, might find means to convey some part of it to other nations; and the best way, they imagine, to secure their own monopoly, is to take care that...
الصفحة 412 - One original language," observes Sir Stamford Raffles, " seems in a very remote period to have pervaded the" whole (Indian) Archipelago, and to have spread (perhaps with the population) towards Madagascar on one side, and the islands in the South Sea on the other; but in the proportion that we find any of these tribes more highly advanced in the arts of civilized life than others, in nearly the same proportion do we find the language enriched by a corresponding accession of Sanscrit terms...
الصفحة 90 - The cottages, or the assemblage of huts, that compose the village, become thus completely screened from the rays of a scorching sun, and are so buried amid the foliage of a luxuriant vegetation, that at a small distance no appearance of a human dwelling can be discovered, and the residence of a numerous society appears only a verdant grove or a clump of evergreens.

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