The Palestinian National Authority: Studies of the Experience and Performance 1994-2013

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Almost twenty years after the Oslo Accords and the formation of the Palestinian National Authority (PA), there is a need to examine this experience in all its aspects, especially since it has not achieved its main goal: the transition from an autonomous authority to an independent state with full sovereignty over the 1967 occupied Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip).

This book is a comprehensive study of the PA and its experience. The 15 chapters analyze the aspects of the PA establishment and its legislative, judicial and presidential institutions, as well as the performance of successive governments. The book deals with the internal Palestinian situation, the security forces, the PA position towards the resistance forces, and economic, demographic, educational and health conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It also tackles the corruption in the PA, the relationship between the PA and the media, as well as its foreign policy.

This book is a systematic, scientific study that forensically documents the PA experience. It has undergone the usual procedures of scientific editing, including the reviewing of texts and references.


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Establishment of the Palestinian National Authority 1982
The Performance of the Palestinian Governments
The Performance of the Palestinian Legislative
The Performance of the Palestinian Judiciary
The PA Internal Political Performance 243278 Introduction 245 First Determinants of the PAs Internal Political Relations 245 Second The PAPLO Re...
The PA Economic Indicators 19942013 279328
The General Budget of the Caretaker Government Gaza Strip 304 Seventh Employment Unemployment and Poverty 306 Eighth Industrial and Agric...
Health Indicators 357 Conclusion 370 Chapter Nine The Performance of the PA Security Forces 373424
The PA Policies Towards the Palestinian Resistance 425470
The Media Under the PA 471501 Introduction
Foreign Policy of the PA 19932013 503538 Introduction
Corruption in the PLO 541 Second Corruption in the PA 544 Third Israeli Leveraging of Corruption for Political
Index 589600
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