Out of the Miry Clay

الغلاف الأمامي
Salem Author Services, 2007 - 488 من الصفحات
Have you ever been deceived, rejected, hurt, despitefully used, and abused by those you love and trust? Ever suffered though the pain and shame of martial infidelity, sexual abuse, and betrayal? Well, I have! My life was a putrid pit of miry clay. No matter how hard I tried to climb out of it, I kept sinking deeper and deeper. I finally lost hope and gave up on myself and everyone else! However, Christ never gave up on me! When my circumstances were about to overwhelm me, He pulled me Out of the Miry Clay and set my feet upon a rock. Christ rescued, healed, and restored me! This book is an astounding testimony of Christ's love, mercy, grace, and healing power! Do you crave restoration, renewal, and healing? Jesus Christ can restore, heal, and rescue you from the Miry Clay of your life! Let Him minister to you through this book. Reverend Monita Dukhia has been preaching the Gospel globally for the last decade. She has a heart for those considered the least of Christ's brethren and her ministry has taken her to war-torn Sri Lanka and the jungles of Peru! She is an anointed and faithful minister of Christ, who will labour for Him under the worst circumstances. Reverend Dukhia is no stranger to grievous trials and afflictions: she bears them graciously in the name of Christ and for the sake of His Gospel. She faithfully presses onto the mark of the prize of Higher calling in God through Christ Jesus. Her global ministry - "The Lion of Judah Ministries,"- is a beacon of hope to those lost without Christ in a dying world. The proceeds from this book will be used to plant Gospel churches, set up orphanages and empowerment centres for the poor in developing countries.

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