American Agriculturist, المجلد 9

الغلاف الأمامي
Orange Judd Company, Publishers, 1850

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الصفحة 345 - Mr. Bruce states J, that in the last operation for colouring the green teas, " a mixture of sulphate of lime and indigo, very finely pulverized and sifted through fine muslin, in the proportion of three of the former to one of the latter, is added...
الصفحة 56 - ... charged with collecting and diffusing information, and enabled by premiums, and small pecuniary aids, to encourage and assist a spirit of discovery and improvement. This species of establishment contributes doubly to the increase of improvement, by stimulating to enterprise and experiment, and by drawing to a common centre the results everywhere of individual skill and observation, and spreading them thence over the whole nation. Experience accordingly has shown, that they are very cheap instruments...
الصفحة 359 - DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT OF A NEW METHOD of PLANTING and MANAGING the ROOTS of GRAPE VINES. By CLEMENT HOARE, Author of " A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine on Open Walls.
الصفحة 56 - No direct aid has been given by the general government to the improvement of agriculture, except by the expenditure of small sums for the collection and publication of agricultural statistics, and for some chemical analyses, which have been, thus far, paid for out of the patent fund.
الصفحة 39 - COMPRISING THE ORIGIN, HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION OF THE Different Breeds of Domestic Poultry, with Complete Directions for their Breeding, Crossing, Rearing, Fattening and Preparation for Market; including specific directions for...
الصفحة 167 - American Bee Keeper's Manual ; being a Practical Treatise on the History and Domestic Economy of the Honey Bee, embracing a full illustration of the whole Subject, with the most approved Methods of Managing this Insect through every Branch of its Culture, the Result of many Years
الصفحة 56 - ... analyses, which have been thus far paid for out of the patent fund. This aid is, in my opinion, wholly inadequate. To give to this leading branch of American industry the encouragement which it merits, I respectfully recommend the establishment of an agricultural bureau, to be connected with the Department of the Interior. To elevate the social condition of the agriculturist, to increase his prosperity, and to extend his means of usefulness to his country, by multiplying his sources of information,...
الصفحة 217 - ... accumulate in a pond or reservoir, and let out occasionally, so that none be lost or run to waste. If there is but a small quantity, it must be husbanded and made to flow over as great a surface as possible. If there is water only at particular seasons of the year, and at a time when it would not be of much...
الصفحة 77 - Potato, their much-respected guest." (Immense cheering.) He, the Onion, had known the Potato from infancy ; and though they had not always been associated in life, they had frequently met at the same table. They had sometimes braved together the same broils, and had found themselves often together in such a stew (He alluded to the Irish .'•••"} as had brought them, for the time being, into an alliance of the very closest kind.
الصفحة 293 - Bight or nine months after the sucker has been inserted in the earth the banana begins to form its clusters, and the fruit may be gathered in less than a year. When the stalk is cut, there is always found among the numerous shoots which have put forth roots one that bears three months later.

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