John: Face-to-Face with Jesus

الغلاف الأمامي
Crossway, 2007 - 157 من الصفحات

Come face-to-face with the Savior

Is Jesus really God? For centuries people have asked that question, and the answer in the Gospel of John is a resounding Òyes!Ó The Jesus youÕve heard about will meet you in these pages. And whatever youÕve heard, He will be greater, better and more challenging than you expect.

This study of JohnÕs Gospel will help you meet Jesus face-to-face and get to know His heart. YouÕll see that Jesus wasnÕt just a good man or wise teacherÑHe spoke the very words of life. Each of the studyÕs lessons includes a Scripture passage, a devotional, thought-provoking questions and a challenge to go deeper.

Designed for personal study or small-group discussion, John introduces Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior. The study gives a questioning sinner a glimpse at a Savior, while offering a seasoned believer a greater appreciation of salvation. Each lesson in the study offers a passage of the Gospel from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, along with a related devotional exercise.

The Bible study guide also offers a key verse for each lesson and presents three sections for deeper understanding and personal application. ÒGo DeeperÓ teaches the background of the book and its author and shows the bookÕs relation to other Bible passages. ÒExpress ItÓ offers suggestions for turning insights from the lesson into prayer. ÒConsider ItÓ provides questions that reflect on the daily Scripture passage.


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