The Spirit in Redemption

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The field of consciousness is a difficult one to explore. It is also difficult to go outside one's own consciousness in the discussion of those inner states of subjective religion. Consciousness differs in individuals. Therefore there is much confusion among the people concerning the witness of the Spirit to salvation. Some speak of it as an outward voice speaking to the soul, or as an inward voice. Some Christians seem to get a much clearer witness than others, and that leads earnest souls to doubt their acceptance with God, because they have not had that vision at conversion that some Christians claim to have had. -from "The Witness of the Spirit" More devotional than academic, this collection of ponderings on the Gospel endeavor to give the Holy Spirit his rightful place in Christian theology. "The Spirit has not been honored as He should have been," Shaw writes in his Preface, and dedicates his thoughtful essays to examining the Holy Spirit's role in an individual's faith, from the Spirit's role in offering repentance and extending temptation to how a believer can better pray to the Spirit and how one can be led by the Spirit to a place of greater holiness. First published in 1910, this is a beautiful work of piety that will inspire Christians to renew their relationship with an important figure of the faith. OF INTEREST TO: Christian scholars, readers of religious philosophy, seekers after wisdom GEORGE SHAW (b. 1870) was dean of the School of Theology at Central Holiness University. He is also the author of Acquainted with Grief (1906) and The Conflict of Jesus (1916).

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Chapter pKe I Thb Preparation for the DE SCENT OF THE SPIRIT
The Baptism of thb Spirit
Thb Spirit in You
The Great ReproverThe Spirit in Conviction
The Spirit in Repentancb
The Spirit in Justification
The Spirit in Faith
The Spirit in Regeneration
The Anointing of the Spirit
Thb Hour Spirit in Praybr
Thb Spirit in Unity
Thb Spirit in Preaching
Thb Sins against thb Spirit
Thb Spirits Warning against Apostasy
Thb Frdit op the Spirit
Gifts op thb Spirit

The Spirit in Sanctification
The Witness of the Spirit
The Spirit in Temptation
The Spirit and Spiritual Prog ress
Being Ied by the Spirit
The Church under thb Guid ance of the Hoiy Spirit
Thb Spirit anb thb Christ
Thb Spirits Revelation of Christ
Manifestations of the Spirit
Thb Spirit in thb Cross
Thb Spirits Aspiration
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Renowned literary genius George Bernard Shaw was born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland. He later moved to London and educated himself at the British Museum while several of his novels were published in small socialist magazines. Shaw later became a music critic for the Star and for the World. He was a drama critic for the Saturday Review and later began to have some of his early plays produced. Shaw wrote the plays Man and Superman, Major Barbara, and Pygmalion, which was later adapted as My Fair Lady in both the musical and film form. He also transformed his works into screenplays for Saint Joan, How He Lied to Her Husband, Arms and the Man, Pygmalion, and Major Barbara. Shaw won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925. George Bernard Shaw died on November 2, 1950 at Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England.

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