Victoria's Vineyard: Purity in Prose

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These writings portray my most precious and intimate talks with God.

It was just before mother passed when she reached out to me in an attempt to help her regain that closeness with God that she knew so well before she became ill. I wrote mother the poem entitled Teach Me How To Love You. That was the first time mother ever realized my gift and as she read this poem, she wept with tears of joy and thankfulness and made me promise her that I would write more and have them published.

Knowing the end was near for Mom, I sat by her hospital bedside as she slept and I wrote Le Femini Sacre which means Sacred Mother. She was not in her right mind as cancer had taken over, but I read it to her and told her I loved her as I held her hand in mine. Mother passed shortly afterward.

I only pray that the words of my poetry reach out and touch the lives of you the reader and inspire you to know the beauty and holiness and completeness of receiving the Lord as your personal Savior.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to spend time with your Creator in intimate worship. For "Secret, Sacred,and Intimate worship is God's favorite fragrance. It is asprecious and priceless as the hidden orchid that the Everglades seclude."



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Reverend Britt was born in the quaint little city of Danville, Virginia, as Vicky Carol Keene. After forty years in her personal wilderness, she had a holy visitation in which God changed her life and her name. As she fell in love with the Lord and dedicated her life to Him, she began to grow spiritually and realize the desire for purity and holiness. Her poetry is only a small reflection of those quiet moments alone with her Creator as He revealed unto her the many times He had spoken throughout the years when her torment would not enable her to hear His voice. Once called into the ministry, the Holy Spirit unveiled her true identity as He changed her name from Vicky Carol to Victoria Caroline, which means Victorious-Singer and that she was to pen His writings under this name. As her heart cried out in song as a child, Victoria is now a worship singer, an ordained minister of the gospel and an author of Christian books. In her words, “It was well worth the journey and the tribulations to finally find such beauty and treasure in knowing the Lord. We are made in His image, and if one truly wants to ‘know’ Jesus and walk in His footsteps, they will surely identify with His suffering and persecution. The truth is bittersweet as honey and bitter herbs. He is my hidden orchid..” Famous words -- "Secret, Sacred, and Intimate worship is God's favorite fragrance. It is as the hidden orchid that the Everglades seclude. Precious and priceless." Rev. Victoria Caroline Britt

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