DILIGENCE: To The Things of God

الغلاف الأمامي
Author House, 14‏/04‏/2006 - 96 من الصفحات
Diligence-To the Things of God begins by sharing a pair of basic insights: "Diligence is the key to power with God. It is the path to living an effective Christian life." Beginning with these two truths and drawing upon the inspired stories contained in the Bible, Sheldon D. Newton focuses on the calling to be diligent to the things of God. He defines diligence, describes how to form good habits, commends diligence to God's word, calls for diligence in one's prayer life, advocates for steering clear of strife, encourages diligence in one's stewardship of money, and concludes by calling readers to live diligently for a higher purpose: reaching, helping, and influencing people so that they may come to know and to trust in Jesus Christ. Diligence-To the Things of God speaks to people who desire to work hard to reach their desired destinations both in their day-to-day lives and in their pursuit of the kingdom of God. It offers encouragement to anyone who wants to move beyond laziness in his or her spiritual life and to become all that the Father, Jehovah God envisions for a full life. It holds out diligence as the key, missing link between desire and fulfillment.

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