The Barland's Farm Romano-Celtic Boat

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Council for British Archaeology, 2004 - 327 من الصفحات
During 1993 the remains of a well-preserved boat, displaying many characteristics typical of Romano-Celtic boats, was excavated at Barland's Farm in the Gwent Levels on the northern shore of the Severn Estuary. This volume reports on the results of the excavation and survey which also revealed a stone and timber structure associated with the boat and a palaeochannel. Specialist sections examine the environmental data gathered from the site and boat and report on the finds which included Roman pottery, footwear and animal bone. Each section of the boat itself is described and discussed in detail before conclusions are drawn about the construction of the boat in the 4th century and what it reveals about boatbuilding in Roman Britain as well sealevels and seafaring in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary during the Roman period. Includes a glossary and catalogue of timbers. Welsh summary.

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The excavated evidence
Conventions for timber drawings 23640
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