The canary bird or, Gentlemen and lady's polite amusement

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الصفحة 57 - IN vain you tell your parting lover You wish fair winds may waft him over. Alas ! what winds can happy prove, That bear me far from what I love ? Alas ! what dangers on the main Can equal those that I sustain, From slighted vows, and cold disdain? Be gentle, and in pity choose To wish the wildest tempests loose: That, thrown again upon the coast, Where first my...
الصفحة 132 - Twas with pain that she saw me depart: She gaz'd, as I slowly withdrew ; My path I could hardly discern ; So sweetly she bade me adieu, I thought that she bade me return. The pilgrim that journeys all day To visit some far distant shrine, If he bear but a relique away, Is happy, nor heard to repine.
الصفحة 52 - I would see you safe home — (now the swain was in love!) Of such a companion if you would approve. Your offer, kind shepherd, is civil, I own; But I see no great danger in going alone; Nor yet can I hinder, the road being free For one as another, for you as for me. No danger in going alone, it is true, But yet a companion is pleasanter, too; And if you could like — (now the swain he took heart) — Such a sweetheart as me, why we never would part.
الصفحة 55 - ... plain, And see me laid low in the ground. The last humble boon that I crave, Is to shade me with cypress and yew ; And when she looks down on my grave, Let her own that her shepherd was true. "'Then to her new love let her go, And deck her in golden array, Be finest at every fine show, And frolic it all the long day; While Colin, forgotten and gone, No more shall be talk'd of, or seen, Unless when beneath the pale Moon, His ghost shall glide over the green.
الصفحة 64 - When leaft I feem'd concern'd, I took No pleafure, nor no reft ; And when I feign'd an angry look, Alas ! I lov'd you beft. Own but the fame to...
الصفحة 113 - Must Lady Jenny frisk about, And visit with her cousins ? At balls must she make all the rout, And bring home hearts by dozens ? What has she better, pray, than I ? What hidden charms to boast, That all mankind for her should die, Whilst I am scarce a toast ? Dearest mamma, for once let me Unchain'd my fortune try : I'll have my earl as well as she, Or know the reason why.
الصفحة 122 - The shepherd swains shall dance and sing For thy delight each May morning: If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my love.
الصفحة 146 - By mode and caprice are the city dames led, But we, as the children of nature are bred; By her hand alone we are painted and dress' d; For the roses will bloom when there's peace in the breast.
الصفحة 146 - When love has possessed us, that love we reveal; Like the flocks that we feed are the passions we feel; So, harmless and simple, we sport and we play, And leave to fine folks to deceive and betray. Perdita's song reveals all the typical illogic of the pastoral form. The city is associated with "passions by luxury taught," with hypocrisy, "mode and caprice,
الصفحة 35 - How chang'd by fortune's fickle wind, The friends I lov'd became unkind, She heard, and 'fhed a generous tear ; And is not FLAVIA then fincere? How, if...

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