The Primitive City of Timbuctoo

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Anchor Books, 1965 - 334 من الصفحات
The Primitive City of Timbuctoo is a report of the life and customs of three major ethnic groups living in this ancient city, as seen by Mr. Miner during a seven months' residence there. The three groups studied were the Arabs, the Songhoi, and the Taurey. The author shows that each of these groups casts its influence upon the religion, customs, mores, education, and life in general of all its inhabitants, e.g., Arabs on Songhoi and vice versa. Mr. Miner has given a very thorough and detailed account of life there. In some instances the details may even detract from the trend of thought. He has used not only first-hand information that he obtained by living with these primitive peoples, but has used extensively many reference books on life there by other authors. The author gives a clear picture of the geographical location of Timbuctoo and the surrounding countries and a very vivid and picturesque description of the marriage and divorce customs of each of the groups. He likewise furnishes interesting details and other information of birth customs, birth rates, death, and burial practices of each of the great groups, reporting numerous of their beliefs in life after death, the types of spirits believed in, and methods of controlling or appeasing the evil spirits. -- From (Oct. 13, 2016).

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