Exposing Satan's Devices Workbook

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Christ Unlimited Ministries, 30‏/11‏/2004 - 218 من الصفحات
This workbook is a companion to the book "Exposing Satan's Devices" by the same author. It is a powerful expose of Satan's tricks, tactics and lies. Cult and occultic methods and groups are listed so Christians can detect their activity. Demon activity is discussed and deliverance and casting out demons is dealt with in detail. Satan's kingdom is uncovered and the Christian is taught to overcome through spiritual discernment and warfare. This is the fifth book in the "Overcoming Life Series," with a total of nine book and workbook sets in the series. All teaching is based on the Word of God.


Personal Introduction
Satanic Deception His Evil Tactic
Walking on Enemy Territory
Satanic Deception Objects and Idols
Guidelines for Casting Out Demons
The Christians Authority Over the Devil
Christ Unlimited Ministries Statement of Faith
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