The Ever Advancing Kingdom: A Prophetic Look Into the New Apostolic Reformation and the Coming Shifts of the Church

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 04‏/03‏/2013 - 192 من الصفحات
" I believe the Lord is raising up apostolic theologians that will deal with the subject of the Kingdom from a fresh and revelatory perspective. Shane's passion is to see the kingdom of God advance, and stir up believers to be a part of it. Previous teachings, that the kingdom was postponed, have done serious damage to the mentality of believers, leaving them without a vision for expanding the kingdom in the future from generation to generation. Consider what is said in this book, even though it might be new to some, and allow the Lord to give you understanding in all things (2 Tim.2:7)." John Eckhardt Apostle and Founder of IMPACT Network of Churches Worldwide.

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