Surrender to God ... for Real!

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 23‏/09‏/2005 - 144 من الصفحات
This book is about real life situations that took place in the life of a virtuous woman. This woman hears a voice all of her life, but never fully submitted to that voice. One night she was at the lowest point of her life, full of verbal, mental and physical abuse. She feels trapped by the forces of darkness, losing her ability to focus. In this maze--where there was no way out--she hears the voice of God speaking into her life saying, "Surrender your life to Me." This is the way out.
She listens and allows the Divine Spirit to flow through her, she crawls through the process of being purged, healed and delivered over and over again until she reaches a new level in God.
Now she stands in faith and her life has never been the same. She's willing to do whatever it takes to fall in love with God and seek His glory in order to be free from the bondage of the past and the chains of strongholds forever. Now the chains of strongholds have fallen off and the past is now nothing more than an experience and journey through life. God allowed her to relive and revise every chapter that is written. Inspired by the Holy Spirit she writes in order to share her story with people of all cultures; in hope that others will "surrender their lives to God for real."
She discovers that through the entire rumble, this gift of determination is ingrained within her. In this book she shares the accounts of other great men and women with great intellect, character, meekness, wisdom and talent.
This book will encourage and empower you to take your own personal experiences in life and begin to make a personal valuation. This book will encourage take a closer look at yourself in order to determine where you are in life today and provide a wealth of hope. As you read and embrace each chapter you will see God's mercy and grace, feeling a sense of relief and self-worth. An enlightenment to your heart, mind and soul to Surrender to God...for Real!

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            Michele Watson was born in Jacksonville, Florida on March 14, 1962.  She currently lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia with her husband and their four children.  As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, Michele has obtained degrees in Data processing, Programming, Business Administration, and is currently seeking a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies.  Through her accomplishments and efforts Michele Watson has positioned herself as a pillar in the community.  Through her visions as a motivational speaker and CEO/Founder of Reaching Above Poverty Inc., Michele seeks to speak to the hearts, minds, and souls of all cultures worldwide by sharing with them the knowledge of the love of God. It is through this love and by her writing that she hopes to inform people of the destiny and purpose that can be fulfilled in their lives.  

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