Insights to the Book of Daniel

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 23‏/01‏/2004 - 244 من الصفحات

This refreshing monumental work by Pastor Alvin Bernard is being presented to the world at a time when much that is taught or written about the Bible prophecies of the prophet, Daniel, may be described as speculative and/or riddled with faulty presuppositions. Pastor Bernard permits the Bible to speak for itself furnishing its own inspired scriptural interpretation of the book of Daniel. By concentrating his attention upon the scope and significance of the prophecies, he presents this astounding work in a thorough, comprehensive, masterly, and satisfying manner. The work is a salient, irrefutable dissertation that dispels erroneous viewpoints about Daniel's prophecies. Central to his study is the time of Messiah's inauguration in heaven. You will be enlightened by his Christocentric approach to the study of those prophecies.

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