The Biblical Cosmos Versus Modern Cosmology: Why the Bible Is Not the Word of God

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Llumina Press, 2007 - 360 من الصفحات
Is the Bible the word of God? Because of the problems besetting mankind in this modern world, the answer to that question is of vital importance. If the Bible is not the word of God, it cannot provide, with any certainty, the perfect and absolute answers that its believers think it can. Moreover, for the true believer, belief in the Bible as the ultimate source of truth and knowledge overrides any meaningful consideration of the answers that other, and perhaps more suitable, views and sources of knowledge could provide. Such an outlook goes far beyond private belief, for many highly influential individuals use the Bible as an authoritative guide to determine what is valid today in science, government, and social policy, and numerous well-funded Bible-based groups are seeking to impose their beliefs on society, even to the point of turning this country into a repressive theocracy. Determining the answer to that question thus gains particular relevance. As it turns out, the answer can literally be found in the cosmos, for the cosmos that is revealed in the Bible is a fundamental aspect of the biblical worldview, just as the cosmos that science has revealed is a fundamental aspect of the modern worldview. In fact, the cosmos that is revealed in the Bible is an integral part of the narrative that unfolds in the Bible, so much so that the credibility of the Bible is dependent upon the validity of its cosmology. This book analyzes what the Bible has to say about the cosmos and shows how the biblical view of the cosmos compares to the modern view of the cosmos as defined by the findings of science. For those who are open to the evidence, this in-depth analysis of the biblical cosmos will provide a basis for arriving at a reasoned answer to the question of whether or not the Bible is the word of God. About the Author: David Presutta grew up in a small New England town and enlisted in the Air Force after graduating from high school. While in the Service, he began taking college courses and eventually earned a degree in English. When he retired from the Air Force after 21 years, he worked as a technical writer and editor for 22 years.

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