Daniel's Difficulties Resolved - Revelation's Secrets Revealed

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Daniel's Difficulties Resolved, Revelation's Secrets Revealed delves into specific details of the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation. It is not intended as a comprehensive view of these two books, but a specific study of certain often misunderstood verses of these books. Roderick Yip seeks to clarify these verses by using a comparison and contrast method of Bible study, and bring the reader into a better understanding of the information presented. Ellen White repeatedly endorses the precept upon precept, line upon line approach to Bible study especially as it relates to doctrine. This book is divided into two sections, each dealing with a particular book. The first part of each section focuses on the principles of interpretation and the format in which the book was written. Then over the chapters, it discusses a particular chapter(s) and studies individual issues and misunderstandings. The author goes beyond a mere presentation of his interpretations, but cites other authors, including Uriah Smith in his book, The Prophecies of Daniel and The Revelation. Particular issues included in this book are the historical information that compliments the visions in Daniel, John's often misunderstood writing style and the unique format of both books which is helpful to understanding them.

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Format of the Books of Daniel and the Revelation
Principles of Interpretation
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Daniel 9 28
Daniel 10 31
Daniel 11 34
Daniel 12 43
Revelations Secrets Revealed
Format of the Book of Revelation
Revelation Chapter 1
Revelation Chapters 2 3
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