Why Buddhism? The Evil of Religion

الغلاف الأمامي
Trafford Publishing, 08‏/07‏/2004
This work supports the proposition that the eradication of religion will make us live as one, and there is only one way to remove religion and that is to remove the need for it. Armed only with reason, this work will prove that due to ignorance religion is just an invention to fill a need. This work has three segments. The first explores - from the point of view of a Christian-practicing Pagan - the process on how myth became reality. It will prove that God was invented, and re-invented perpetually, for necessity and convenience. It is that need that gave the bible its religious relevance. Understood with a naked mind, the bible is far from being just a religious document but a political one. This work explores why religion and politics cannot and will not separate. Hence, unavoidably, it dipped its hands into one painful political issue - the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The second part elucidates that if the foundation is a myth it only follows that what was founded on it - Jesus - is a lie. It will give proof to the fact that the New Testament was manipulated to further vested interest. Understood with an unconditioned mind, that is, without the traditional spirituality attached to it, it will prove that Jesus is just selfishly scheming to regain his grandfather David's throne; it will also prove that Jesus is gay. The last part is my way of introducing Buddhism. It could shed light to what Western science is exiting themselves about. It answers why man will never find the Missing Link. It explains how and why advanced civilizations deteriorated to their present state. In our fight against virus causing disease we must explore all avenues to defeat it, Buddhism offers one. Buddhism is not only about science, it is also about religion; it delves into the reality of a soul. Buddhism gives us reason on why we must discriminate on account of race, or for any other reason.

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