Am I Not a Human? (13): The Suffering of the Palestinians from Israeli Roadblocks in the West bank: Mu‘anat al-Filastiniyyin min al-Hawajiz al-Israeliyyah fi al-Daffah al-Gharbiyyah - معاناة الفلسطينيين من الحواجز الاسرائيلية في الضفة الغربية

الغلاف الأمامي
مركز الزيتونة للدراسات والاستشارات, 11‏/12‏/2017 - 108 من الصفحات
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 Al-Zaytouna Centre has issued the English version of its book entitled “The Suffering of Palestinians From Israeli Roadblocks in the West Bank” prepared by Fatima Itani and Mohammad Dawood, edited by Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh and Rana Sa‘adah.

This book is the thirteenth in the series “Am I not a Human?” through which Al-Zaytouna Centre seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of the suffering of the Palestinian people caused by the Israeli occupation, in a style that addresses the mind and the heart, within an academic, systematic and documented frame.

This 108-page book addresses the suffering of Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank (WB) and the most serious violations committed by the occupation against the Palestinians at these roadblocks, which are spread out in their various forms all over the WB.

The book reviews the Israeli policy of disconnecting Palestinian lands and humiliating Palestinians. It is followed by a legal preamble that reviews international and humanitarian laws that prove the illegality of the barriers. Then it gives an account of how the numbers and types of these barriers have evolved in the WB during the period 2001–2014.

The book points out how setting up Israeli checkpoints in the WB hinders people’s movement, prevents them from going about their daily business in a normal manner and wears them out economically, mentally and socially. It also points out that, in spite of their different types, they are all there to break the Palestinians’ will.

The Israeli checkpoints are considered among the worst manifestations of human rights violations; as in many respects, they are actually linked to practices that infringe on people’s lives and violate their dignity, safeguarded in international charters and conventions.

The book points out that the logic that must be adhered to in demanding immediate removal of the occupation’s barriers is the illegitimacy of the occupation. As these roadblocks detain behind them Palestinians’ hope of living in a free country, in which they enjoy freedom of movement, work, education … and others.


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نبذة عن المؤلف (2017)

Fatima Itani
 A researcher specialized in Palestinian studies at al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations. She participated in preparing three books of Am I Not a Human? Series: The Suffering of the Palestinian Patient Under the Israeli Occupation; The Suffering of Palestinian Environment and Farmer Under the Israeli Occupation; The Suffering of Palestinians at the Israeli Roadblocks in the West Bank. Itani participated in preparing the Information Report series, and she also participated in the editing of many al-Zaytouna books and publications. She contributed a chapter titled “Corruption in the Palestinian National Authority” to the book: The Palestinian National Authority: Studies of the Experience and Performance 1994–2013.

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