The Palestinian Strategic Report 2007: al-Taqrir al-’Istratiji al-Filastini 2007 (التقرير الاستراتيجي الفلسطيني 2007)

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Dr. Mohsen M. Saleh
مركز الزيتونة للدراسات والاستشارات, Jun 21, 2010 - Political Science - 416 pages

 The Palestinian Strategic Report is a highly academic annual report that assesses the Palestinian situation. It rigorously studies the developments of various aspects of the Palestinian issue, i.e., internal political affairs, economic development, demographic indicators, the Arab, Islamic and international stands and the Israeli attitudes and policies, all within an academic, well-documented context that is supported with the most recent statistical data.

This report is the product of a massive team-work exerted by a group of affiliated researchers and specialists; editors, and consultants. It is published both in Arabic and English.

The first Report covered the year 2005. As later reports were released annually, the report was well-received and highly acclaimed, especially within academics.  Today, it can be surely asserted that this report is a must reference for every researcher or academic interests in the contemporary developments of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Moreover, its English version is among the few highly academic and objective writings in this field by an Arab research centre.


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Table of Contents 5 List of Tables 11 List of Abbreviations 13 List of Contributors 15 Introduction
The Phase of Mecca Agreement 33 Third The Spiral of the Security Crisis 39 Fourth Hamas Domination of GS
Measures Undertaken by the PA 53 Sixth The Attempt to Control the PLC 55 Seventh The Crisis within Fatah and the PA 58 Eighth The Stance of th...
The IsraeliPalestinian Scene Exploitation of
The Major Population Economic and Military Indicators 88 1 Population Indicators 88 2 Economic Indicators
Aggression and Resistance 102 Fourth The Israeli Stand on the Internal Palestinian Situation 107 Fifth The Political Settlement Track 114 1 Annapoli...
The Performance and Positions of the Official Arab Regime 133 1 The Position towards the Developments of the Peace Process 133 2 The Position to...
Russia 275 Fourth China 277 Fifth Japan 277 Sixth The International Organizations 279 1 Internal Crisis 279 2 Political Settlement
India Case Study 284 1 IndianPalestinian Relations 284 2 IndianIsraeli Relations 287 3 Mutual Trade between India and Israel 291 4 Military Cooper...
The Separation Wall 327 Third The Settlers and the Settlement Expansion
The Palestinian Population Worldwide 347 Second Demographic Features of the Palestinians 349 1 The WB and GS 349 2 Palestinian Territories Oc...
The Palestinian Refugees 361 Fourth Population Growth Trends
The Palestinian Immigration and Brain Drain 372 Eighth The Palestinians Outside Palestine and the Right of Return 373 Conclusion
National Accounts 385 Second Economic Sectors 386 1 Agriculture and Fishing 386 2 Mining Manufacturing Water and Electricity 387 3 Construct...
The GDP per Capita 390 Fourth Public Finance 391 1 Public Revenues 392 2 Public Expenditures 392 Fifth Grants and Foreign Aids 394 Sixth The ...

The Organization of the Islamic Conference OIC 215 Second Turkey 220 1 Olmerts Visit to Ankara 221 2 AlAqsas Excavations and the Turkish Co...
Pakistan 242 Fifth Other Muslim States 244 Conclusion
The United States of America 256 Second The European Union 266 1 The Internal Palestinian Crisis 266 2 Political Settlement
Work Unemployment and Living Standard 399 Eighth The Banking Sector 399 Ninth Consumer Price Index

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