Am I Not a Human? (1): The Israeli Racism: ‘Unsuriyat Israel: Falastiniyo 48 Namozajan - عنصرية إسرائيل… فلسطينيو 48 نموذجاً

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مركز الزيتونة للدراسات والاستشارات, 02‏/09‏/2011 - 99 من الصفحات

 This book presents in a simple but academic and concise style, the various aspects of the Israeli racism, on the official and public level.

It considers the Palestinian who have the Israeli citizenship as a case study, and discusses their sufferings under the Israeli state where they is continuous dis-criminaton against them, violating their absic rights in their own home and land.


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Israel and Racism 15 Chapter 2 Racist Proclamations and Statements against Arabs
43 Law of Return and Nationality Law a 45 Laws of Land Confiscation b
Transfer of Palestinian Arabs from Palestine 63 Chapter 5 Violation of Sanctuaries 83 Conclusion 91 Endnotes
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