Dialogue and Dialectic: Eight Hermeneutical Studies on Plato

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Yale University Press, 1983 - 221 من الصفحات
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"This book is a virtual case study in the application of hermeneutical principles to illuminate philosophical texts. The book contains translations of eight of Gadamer's best known essays on Plato....These studies, spanning a period of almost fifty years, are important not only for what they have to say concerning Plato, but also for what they reveal about the development and insightfulness of Gadamer's hermeneutical theory of interpretation....[He] aims at dialogue with Plato and achieves it."--Jeremiah P. Conway, International Philosophical Quarterly
"A remarkable felicitous set of translations."--Martin Warner, Times Higher Education Supplement
"Gadamer is among the most eminent followers of Heidegger and rather more accessible that most. It is therefore a service to have these eight essays on Plato, dating from 1934 to 1974, translated competently into English."--Choice
"May be the best introduction to Gadamer yet published in this country."--W.G. Regier, Modern Language Notes

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Logos and Ergon in Platos Lysis
The Proofs of Immortality in Platos Phaedo
Plato and the Poets
Platos Educational State
Dialectic and Sophism in Platos Seventh Letter
Platos Unwritten Dialectic
Idea and Reality in Platos Timaeus
Amicus Plato Magis Arnica Veritas
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